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Welcome To My Website for £5 Page

Congratulations on making Your decision to view our Web Design website.
Do you need a website Then you have come to the right place.
Having your own website is the best way to earn from the internet.
Now this is a cash cow business on the Internet so be aware of your needs.

There are basically 2 types

  • 1,Free to join, If you just want a splash page then your best option is a free site
    some ISPs offer freesites with your Connection,Tiscali,Orange,Sky,& BT certainly do
    This may be adequate for you,

  • 2, If you want a professional looking websites with ,Full professional,bullet proof webhosting,with Domain Name registery ,Autoresponders with Opt-in forms, EasyVideo Producer,On-line Conference Rooms and 24 hour live or email support and are prepared to pay £25/month then we would be happy to provide you with one with GVO for only £50.
    Why not try GVO hosting Free for 14 days and see what a lot of useful tools you get .
    Click the banner below and choose your level you need from Bronze to Titanium then contact me & I look forward to helping you get your website up and running within a few hours.


    Join the Top Business Website Hosting Company
    With Affiliate earning Opportunity

  • Complete Web Hosting Package Trial for 7 days Only $1.00
  • Including AutoResponder and Bulk Emailer
  • 4 Hosted Domains
  • Blogger Builder
  • Easy Video Producer
  • Prospecting System
  • Video & Live Training Academy
  • First class 24 hour support
  • Incorprating your own hosted 5 seat GVO conference room
  • Earn $5/mth referral commissions
  • All this for only $9.95/mth
  • Website Design Service for £50 at Homebusinesszone WebDesign
  • 7 day full free trial with gvo hostthenprofits

    NB.Once you have your hosting account and registered your domain at GVO domains.
    You can of course use the free site builder to instantly install a wordpress theme if you wish not to use my services.

    But if if you do follow these simple steps

    Step 1, Purchase your hosting account.
    Step 2, Click on domains & register your domain name.(keep everything at GVO it makes it far easier for you)
    Step 3, Once purchased ,set up your domain hosting by following the videos.
    Step 4 ,Use the Site Builder or one click wordpress or Joomla installation or contact me to construct your website in 10 minutes.

    Website Templates

    After an initial consultation of your needs and once we know what you wish to use the website for we can devise a design for you. choose from templates like

    Website templates
    All prices are for a finished index home page uploaded to your domain name
    which we recommend you own and can be obtained once you have your GVO Reseller Hosting

    £50 with GVO Reseller Hosting
    plus £15/additional page


    £50 with GVO Reseller Hosting
    plus £15/additional page


    £50 with GVO Reseller Hosting
    plus £15/additional page


    £50 with GVO Reseller Hosting
    plus £15/additional page


    £50 with GVO Reseller Hosting
    plus £15/additional page


    £50 with GVO Reseller Hosting
    plus £15/additional page


    £50 with GVO Reseller Hosting
    plus £15/additional page


    £50 with GVO Reseller
    plus £15/additional page


    £50 with GVO Reseller Hosting
    plus £15/additional page


    Pay with Paypal


    Please bear in mind that these are just templates and can be adapted to your needs.
    Here is an example of my clients websites


    Autoresponder with Opt-in Forms

    We can also provide you with lead capture pages which can use any responder opt-in form or use the one provided by your GVO Reseller Hosting.
    Below are a few examples of what could be achieved.

    Included with your
    GVO Reseller Hosting


    Included with your
    GVO Reseller Hosting


    Included with your
    GVO Reseller Hosting


    Included with your
    GVO Reseller Hosting


    Included with your
    GVO Titanium Hosting


    Included with your
    GVO Reseller Hosting



    Your subscription also includes easyvideoproducer where you can upload a video and embed it into a opt-in form
    like these examples shown here

    Included with your
    GVO Reseller Hosting


    Included with your
    GVO Reseller Hosting


    Included with your
    GVO Reseller Hosting


    Included with your
    GVO Reseller Hosting


    Included with your
    GVO Reseller Hosting


    Included with your
    GVO Reseller Hosting


    Check out my finished video opt-in page here My Video Opt-in Page Which only took 5 minutes to do


    Do you need a online conference facility to share your opportunity to a global audience.Then,Free with your Titanium Hosting Package is a full audio and video communications tool! join at GVO Reseller Hosting for 14 days full free trial

  • Record your session with the click of a mouse and so much more. This is a must for anyone doing business online or working long distance. Open up your market on a global scale.
  • Keep your team leaders, customers, business associates and members informed and on the same page.
  • Help your children with homework while away to University or College.
  • Talk and see your grandchildren grow up who live hundreds of miles away.
  • Stay on top of your life and on top of your business with GVO Conference!
  • Check out this video to see the professional level that this webhost works at to make your business a success
  • Ok,as you see these are all included services from what I consider to be the BEST Web Host on the net today.and is the reason that I have made a success of my business ,as without your website showing at all times you dilute your chance of making a sale or getting a lead.
    I can honestly say that in 5 Years there has not been one minute that my sites are not accessible to any one in the world

    don't take my word just listen to this video by the GVO CEO Joel Therien

    Join GVO Now

    Step 1 :I Recommend that you purchase at least the Silver GVO Reseller Hosting Package. for 14 days full free trial

    Step 2 :Log in and go to your back office click on Domain Registry,and create an account and search and register for your domain with GVOregistry ,Remember that you can host unlimited domains here.
    If you already have your killer domain name registered with another registrar eg.godaddy.com or virtualnames.net e.t.c then Visit your registrar and switch the "DNS" settings to Your new GVO hosting account.
    You need to have your domain name point to GVO Domain Name Servers. In order to modify your name servers associated with your domain you need to go to the place where you registered your domain name.
    Once at your registrar there is usually an area called "Manage my account". Log in with the username and password that you created when registering your domain and then look for an option like "Manage name servers". Then change the DNS to NS1.GVODNS.COM & NS2.GVODNS.COM this domain can now be used just go to your Web Host Manager to get your CPanel to upload your template and manage your site . Just follow the excellent videos that explain very simply how to do all this

    Step 3:if you are not sure what to do then fill in the form below or contact me direct to register you interest and I will contact you to discuss your needs and how I can help you meet them.

    First name

    Last name



    E-mail address

    If you need help or assistance please Contact Me
    or Telephone 01773 591192 Mob 07717584765 Skype ID= homebusinesszone


    SEO for Good Indexing and Ranking Pages

    We are aware of knowing how important a good google indexing can be to your success.
    and as with my own sites like www.homebusinesszone.co.uk ,which is nearly always on the first page for top keyword searches like 'homebusiness' or 'extra income'.

    We use a 11 point SEO analysis system and would optimse your website to have at least an 85% optimisation rating for your chosen keyword.

    We would endevour to give you a good indexing position for your allotted keywords,so it is imperative that we have good discussion as to how you wish to proceed.

    People say that I am very approachable and will talk to anyone with respect and professionalism independant of your experience or Internet knowledge.

    I look forward to partnering with you in your Internet endevours.